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Solar Power Systems

Zamp Solar Logo.png

Zamp offers solar power products designed with mobile applications in mind.  There are solutions for the off grid lifestyle, including panels, monitors, and plug and play systems.  Zamp offers modular solutions which allow for a custom and changeable solar power system.  Zamp is one of the only domestic 12-vold solar manufacturers in the United States.

Custom Control Solutions

ATComp Logo.png

American Technology Components creates advanced control systems.  Special switch controls, electronic circuit board assemblies, audio/video switches, RF control systems, wiper systems, interior and exterior lighting, and molded convenience items, like cup holders, hangers, slide locks, and USB outlets.  

AT Components provides products for custom control designs and unique applications.  AT Components provides custom products for unique situations for the automotive, utility, marine, and RV industries.

Contact us if you are interested in AT Components products.


Precision Temp

Hot Water and Hydronic Heating

Tankless water heating is all but essential when on the road, and PrecisionTemp provides all this and more!  This company is truly impressive in this space, they have a great range of options for hydronic heating and a wonderful customization features as well.

Comprehensive Systems Monitoring

Blue Sea Systems makes beautiful, integrated modular electric distribution panels. You'll no longer have to hide your energy management console behind a door or in a closet!


As its name would suggest, Blue Sea Systems are originally designed for marine use, so thier build quality, durability, and reliability are light years ahead of what you'll find in most motorcoaches.

Wet Sounds

Performance Outdoor Speakers


Audiophile Outdoor Speaker is no longer an oxymoron! Wet Sounds have finally bridged the huge gap between beautiful sound reproduction and the ability to brave the elements. Oh...and they look amazing.


Whether you'd like to kick up your tailgating experience, brush up on some outdoor kareoke, or simply want some great background theme music to watch the sunset outdoors, fill out the form below and one of our audio engineers will help design your perfect system.

Blue Sea

Professional Audio Equipment

Why are most $400,000 coaches delivered with crap Wal-Mart special speakers? Undo this travesty and let Arc Audio feed your eardrums something worth listening to.


Arc Audio provides compact, energy efficient amps that still push out enough power to crank it up to 11!



Mobile Energy Solutions

After testing every inverter/charger we could get our hands on, KC's Coaches fell in love with Victron Energy. Designed for the marine environment, they are ruggedly contructed while still maintaining an amazing eye for detail, and a vast array of fuctions. Additionally, the color control panel is intuitive, easy to use, and attractive in any coach.

Arc Audio


Smarthome Automation

     You can't drive your coach from a Loxone control panel, but it will handle almost everything else. Want to be able to start/stop your generator, extend/retract your awning, dim your lights, adjust your heat/AC all from your iPhone or Android device? We can do that.

Monitoring Guages

     Finally, knowing the actual level of water and waste in your fresh/grey/black tanks is no longer a guessing game! No more bags of ice down the toilet to clean out your sensors! SeeLevel's sensors stick on the outside of your tank, and are accurate within one percent.

See Level

     We have made a list of our favorite products, and have finally decided to share!  So here they are!  We have done the research, put in the time, the testing, the dollars, the dough--and now you get to be in the know!  We love these products!  If you're in the market for a better bus, renovating your RV, or tweaking your trailer--I encourage you to review this ever evolving list.  Don't settle for second rate items!  When you are ready to talk more about some of these upgrades, please contact us using the form below, or send an email using the contact page!  I hope this provides some benefit, and fun to those in the market!  




Tire Safety Devices

Tyron keeps you safe where the rubber meets the road. If you ever have a catastrophic blowout or rapid air loss, the Tyron band will keep the tire on your wheel.


Invaluable in protecting your coach and your life.

Networking Solutions

     Cradlepoint is the leading provider of wirelas WAN and cloud-based wired solutions to satisfy all of your mobile needs.  Cradlepoint offers a wide range of products to extend augment and complement existing systems.  Alternatively, you can build your extreme mobile experience from the ground up using their reliable and innovative product lineup.  We have experimented with a variety of Cradlepoint systems, and have been very satisfied thus far!

Offering Custom Coach and RV Uprades


American Technology

Unique Utility Lift Systems


Why drag something, when you could lift and carry?  The ability to bring along utilities as an RV user is a common concern.  Hydralift offers a unique solution.  With a Hydralift system, RVs can carry along large items, like all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, grills and more.  Hydralift sells heavy duty anchor, folding, towing, and lock kits.  

Contact us for Hydralift solutions.

Hydralift USA


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